This movement consists in the practice of abstaining yourself from masturbation for very long periods of time, even up to years, with the idea that it will make you a better person. It has been heavily publicized and privileged by the youtube algorithm with videos reaching up to millions of views, which is never a good sign. As a rule of thumb, if something is promoted by a mass media and reaches many views, you should be careful since its probably something designed to fuck you up in one way or another.

There is only one positive characteristic of this practice since for whatever reason nowadays its associated to this cancer like bread is to butter: it makes you stop watching pornography. One of the most degenerate and unnatural abominations in existence. This argument deserves an article on its own, but to make it short, porn creates many damages on the human psyche and its designed to do so. Porn makes you have a weird and sick view of the sexual realm and of the opposite gender, and worst of all cuts out all the beauty and deep sentimental component of making love creating at the same time alien perversions in the viewer. Porn is designed to make people prefer materialistic sex over the deep and spiritual connection we profoundly desire with a woman by targeting our subconscious. Now, instead of doing love we want to fuck, instead of having deep relationships built on strong values we seek attractive bodies on tinder to go up and down without real emotions. This is probably one, if not the saddest, parts of our society. On top of this, as if it was not enough, porn stimulates a heavy dopamine response creating biochemical addiction, exactly like a drug. So if no fap means no porn then we have nothing against this, on the contrary. But to be honest, a hand is a hand, and masturbation, as did our forefathers, can be easily be done without going on pornhub. It just requires something that most people seem to have lost: imagination.

My question is, if nature gave you a hand with witch you can easily touch your penis, why should you not, when desired, use this to your own pleasure? Why deny yourself of such sensorial pleasure ? Why go against your natural instinct for a retarded dogma built on a contorted view of stoicism? Depriving yourself of something that brings you joy and well being is nothing to be proud of, having orgasms is a beautiful and central part of life. The act of masturbation, if not associated with pornography or used as tool for stress relief, its like doing love to yourself. It is a fundamental mean to connect to and learn about your own sexuality and deep desires. Ejaculation is also important for the body to clean the urinary tract and stimulate the prostate keeping it healthy, our body in fact, if forced by some new religion to not ejaculate regularly, will provide to do so during the sleep since not expelling semen can seriously raise the risk for infection in those areas.

Ejaculation malnourished and well nourished

I personally think that this movement gained a lot of popularity because people are becoming so ill and malnourished that the body has a hard time dealing with the lost nutrients expelled with the semen. This problem though, is not relevant to carnivores and primal dieters who have a way more functional semen and hormonal production with the capacity to easily replenish the lost nutrients.

I can say ,from personal experience, that ejaculating in the past drained me tremendously giving me sometimes bouts of depression and extreme tiredness but now, on the contrary after two years of eating the natural human diet, it relaxes and releases me from my tremendous production of hormones, paired with way stronger and satisfying orgasms.

I don’t even think that we should stop masturbating if we have a partner if we still desire to do so. Sex is sex and masturbation is masturbation, they are both very different unique experiences and we should do what we feel more at a certain moment, tuning ourself back to our inner natural instinct and healthy desires, not to some youtube guru. People have to disconnect from religions, cults and the internet and reconnect to their inner child that is here to explore this world with curiosity, not get stuck in unhealthy dogmas full of shame for something that is perfectly natural.

Wishing all a good old wank,
Prodacle Armato