There has been this trend going, on in the social media world for the big part(alarm bell), that promotes exposition to extreme cold for even long periods of time as extremely healthy and beneficial.

The movement has as leader the vegan Wim Hof himself, known also as the ice man. Nothing to take away from the impressive feats of this fellow who can swim under an ice like with no difficulties, what he does is indeed amazing and unique and i can only support such demonstrations of mental and physical strength, but saying that freezing your balls off is healthy? Come on man.
Cold exposure such as ice baths might make you feel good at first but thats only because of your bodies insane production of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, and its fight or flight response to the external input you are giving it. Its like doing bunjee jumping, cool and everything but you wouldn’t do that stuff everyday, you just know its a once in a while thing to do.

People though are programed to not trust their instinct, that tells them what the hell are you doing buddy, but instead to trust authority and gurus.

Why is ice exposure popular on facebook and youtube? Because old people are too smart to fall for it, they know by gut feeling that its not a healthy practice.

The scandinavians knew that cold exposure was safe only if done for very short periods of time (under 1 minute) and that surpassed the limit it would start to create serious damage and stress, for such they would not, unless forced, stay in freezing water for 20 minutes or more like some Hoffers do.
NOTHING that makes the body produce stress hormones is good for the organism, the body in fact acitvates that system only in dangerous situations and by continuing to trigger this mechanism you are eventually gonna burn out your adrenals and central nervous system, developing chronic fatigue and even mental neurotic issues.

Regular cold exposure has the terrible side effect of burning also your deep fatty deposits such as that of the bone marrow, to produce the extra heat needed to survive your repeated torture. This WEAKENS the immune system, lowers testosterone and tears havoc on many different organs: the heart is damaged and strained, liver loses many nutrients(Vitamin A mostly), precious fat deposits get burned, kidneys are overworked and most important of all the vegetables oils in the lymphatic system become even harder clogging it even more.
We modern people need HOT not cold baths to help our already semi-clogged lymphatic systems work properly, the freeze is gonna slow even more(if it doesn’t stop it completely) the ability of the body in dumping out toxins, greatly reducing your ability to detoxify.

You understand, dear reader, why they are pushing this torture on mostly young vibrant people? Why do you think that Wim Hof is only 50 years old and like looks like a grandpa?

Ditch the cold baths and do hot lymphatic baths as Aajonus suggested if you truly want to do something healthy,

I know, you might have a question by now: didn’t you say in the past that native americans bathed in ice lakes? Well, that is true but there are different reasons to why they could afford to do, while we cannot, here they are:

  1. They were way stronger, healthier and well nourished so the stress provoked on the organism was way less and their body had plenty of resources to handle it;
  2. They easily replaced the lost fat with their high raw fat diet;
  3. They probably did it occasionally, not regularly and only in winter since they had no ice cubes in their freezers;
  4. Their lymphatic system wasn’t clogged by vegetable oils, vaccines, pesticides or other toxic junk. It was perfectly working and had all the nutrition to work more than efficiently;
  5. They also did sweat lodges witch could of easily counterbalanced the effects of the cold exposure;
  6. It came natural to them, they needed no facebook guru to tell them how much to stay in the water. When their bodies had enough of it they were out.

As you can see this is a pretty different scenario from the one of modern day people, who simply cannot afford cold exposure because of an already overly fatigued and malnourished body.

I know that cold exposure can be fun and a challenge that makes your soul feel alive in a world void of emotion, but if you need to freeze your balls off to keep going on you should probably reevaluate what you are doing with your life, as there are many other ways to feel alive without tearing down your body to pieces.

As with every popularized trend I always counsil to be cautious and to come check the debunk section of our website to see what is truly going on. NOTHING is random and when something becomes big on some mass media its because the system wants it to be; you will never find a raw meat add on facebook for example.

The best and most natural way to don’t feel cold is to eat a raw meat diet with plenty of fat staying in ketosis and sleeping naked with no central heating on but many thick covers, and possibly an open window. You will be amazed how much more easily and naturally you will endure cold with these two practices than with the trendy torture.

Wishing everybody a good hot bath,
Prodacle Armato