Occult war


This argument, to be fair and honest, has been properly approached in a way more detailed and advanced manner by Evola, but since many of the readers are semi illiterates that do not know how …


internet trap

So. There is this branch of internetologists that, without barely having any culture or profound approach to a field, have the guts to say what they think because “they read some articles” or “saw some …

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A plebeian has very little introspection skills, his inner world is smaller so he looks more outside and is ready to easily judge everything and everybody even from a place of ignorance. A plebeian characteristic …

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The Secret War

This world is in war. A war that started as far as in ancient egypt, a war between indoeuropeans and an other faction that i will call “people of the desert” to not have my …

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The enemey speaks

GUARDA QUI —> https://archive.md/qERv5 If you know how to interpret this, you will understand that these are incredibly valuable informations. This forum is an incredible goldmine. In here a “rothschild” speaks to the internet, there …

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Intro Agenda 21&30

Important to inform our readers of these agendas that while publicly they pretend to be plans designed to increase the well-being of the masses, in reality, if one digs deep, are on the opposite precise …

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