Fuck Primal

I recently understood how stupid this diet obsession really is. It is not a healthy approach to life putting so much effort in thinking about what you put in your mouth.  These primal people talking …

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Sv3rige cult

It is very important for me to talk about this argument. While sv3rige has been extremely important for my development as a person, i truly don’t think that him and his ideas should be a …

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Why primal? (part 2)

While the first part was dedicated to the philosophical and metaphysical side of things, this will explain the physical part illustrating the proof of the carnivorous human concept through simple natural observation. Lets start from …

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Why primal? (part 1)

People of the primal community already know the answer to this question, but interested outsiders don’t so I will make it clear. This is simply the way nature designed human beings to eat: raw meat …

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You are what you eat

Our body is not a fixed and immutable element like for example a rock but it is instead an organism that has a continuous need for certain substances and external inputs to keep itself strong …

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