I have decided to end the english part of my writings, leaving only the ones that are present now, as for me writing here today has only a personal entertainment value, and i do not enjoy writing in what i consider a barbaric language for apes. It is no coincidence that english is promoted as main language of the NWO, that is because it is a language with no love, many words have no real meaning, and has no complexity to it. It is just a dead language for slaves and i have no enjoyment writing with it compared to what is a way more noble and articulate language, Italian. If you enjoyed my articles i am genuilly sorry but this is what i feel to do. May your lives be full of difficulties and introspection.
Prodacle Armato

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internet trap

So. There is this branch of internetologists that, without barely having any culture or profound approach to a field, have …


A plebeian has very little introspection skills, his inner world is smaller so he looks more outside and is ready …
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